Here, you can checkout the demo programs for gears of general interest:

Geometric design verification or parallel shaft gearing spur or helical, external or internal. Product data sheet. Subsidized inputs for normal data processing. Graphic and analytical investigations of the conditions of operation in relation to the construction data. Print option data and general data sheet for drawing in Italian or English. Additional modules are available for the design of tools or grinding wheels, designed to implement corrections involute profile. IPAR calculates real gears: no more surprises!
Pressure resistance of Hertz and bending. References: Dudley's Gear Handbook (ed.McGraw-Hill 1991 edited by D.P.Townsend, ch. G. Castellani 11), translation of the Manual Gears, ed. Tecniche Nuove. Alternatively results according to ISO standard 6336/2006 or Agma 2001/C95. Print option results in Italian or English. Automated program for even non-expert users, with data stores in default or customizable.
species bearings for shafts with gears, for which facilitates the calculation of the loads space in value and sign. Two types of applications: 1) I fixed all the data loads, angle: object bearing life and the bending moments. 2) The loads on the shaft ends of gearboxes can take different angle: according to this you get tables and charts of loads for given duration.

Mutual specifications:

  • Smart design: simple control boxes.
  • Ease-of-use: the controls are activated with a simple click or touch of a key
  • Processing power: no dark corners or unexplored problems are left..
  • Effective results: clean and clearly legible output data on video and paper.