About Me:

The owner of the Studio, Daniele Rosa (Dr. Eng.), graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Bologna in 1981

Mr. Rosa is a member of the Italian Association of Industrial Designers (A.I.P.I.)

He was an active member for several years of the Subcommittee gears UNI "WORKING GROUP CALCULATION AND CORRECTION TOOTHING" partecipates in ISO projects.

He's the author of the example of strength calculation of an internal gear pair of the UNI 8862, part 3 "Calculation of load capacity of the parallel shaft gearing".

In addition to acting as a consultant for many specialist and non-specialist mechanical companies, Mr. Rosa has taken part in various publications and congress memoires.

He also teaches at company training courses.

The Studio works using the software for calculating gears, bearings and transmission shafts of Dr. Ing. Giovanni Castellani.

You can download the demos of the main programs for gears with parallel axes, IPAR, RHFAUT and CRV in Download page.
The routine business of the gear manufacturing design and consultancy studio comprises:

  • 1
    Modular projects
    of speed reducers or speed increasers and projects for special gears in collaboration with the customer’s Engineering Department.
  • 2
    Assessments of the strength
    and service life of the gears and speed reducers according to various standards, and relevant reports, in collaboration with the Sales Department.
  • 3
    Preparation of technical catalogues

  • Thirty years of experience mean we can successfully resolve random or systematic problems of any type of mechanical manufacturer:

    • 1
      We design or review
      various kinds of gear transmissions for a wide array of machines and systems
    • 2
      We assist gear manufacturers
      in developing their processes
    • 3
      We diagnose the causes for gear anomalies
      and modify the drawings to avoid them.
    • 4
      We provide investigative reports on anomalies that have occurred in the past
    • 5
      We design customised tools
      or heat treatments or to gain in strength or silent running without adding further costs
    • 6
      We design silent gears
      or eliminate the cause for noise in existent projects.